Esquire Magazine Interview with Matt Singer

Esquire Magazine Interview with Matt Singer

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Article written by: Max Berlinger for | June 23rd, 2014

Button up shirt, khaki chino pant for men fashion

When it comes to fashion credentials, Matthew Singer's resume is nothing to scoff at. The industry stalwart clocked in time at Scoop, Bloomingdale's, and Neiman Marcus before setting off on his own venture. Which means that if you shopped at any of these stores in the past decade, there's a mighty fine chance that Singer picked out the merchandise you were perusing. This retail background was a huge help as he started desining his own label—known as The M. Singer Experience—and which launched on Gilt over the weekend.

"Guys know how to dress for work," Singer explains. "It's a uniform. I wanted to create the uniform for the weekend." This translates into slim pants, lightweight cotton shirting, casual T-shirts (cut "roomy in the shoulder and tailored in the body," Singer says), and shorts that hit right above the knee. All in all, it's the perfect proposition for a guy who wants to look good but doesn't want to work too hard for it (which is a lot of men out there). What Singer captures is a sort of off-handed stylishness that is good for a man who isn't a slave to a suit—and as office dress codes become more and more relaxed, this is becoming a larger market to tap. "The great advice that was given to me was: don't think so hard," Singer says. His latest project is the perfect manifestation of that idea."

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