• WWD Interview at Project Vegas: Selling M. Singer

    Interview with Matthew Singer conducted by WWD at the trade show Project Vegas. Presented by UBM FASHION and The Tents.
  • M. Singer [Video] for

    Promotional video produced by for the M. Singer Experience exclusive launch. Discusses the philosophy behind the comfort driven brand. 
  • Esquire Magazine Interview with Matt Singer

    Guys know how to dress for work," Singer explains. "It's a uniform. I wanted to create the uniform for the weekend." This translates into slim pants, lightweight cotton shirting, casual T-shirts (cut "roomy in the shoulder and tailored in the body," Singer says), and shorts that hit right above the knee. All in all, it's the perfect proposition for a guy who wants to look good but doesn't want to work too hard for it (which is a lot of men out there).